Ankylosing Spondylitis Diet – What Should Be Included?

Ankylosing Spondylitis DietIt seems there is a diet for almost any health condition these days. There is a diet for a diabetic, a diet for gastrointestinal problems, an ankylosing spondylitis diet, and more. One of the many forms of arthritis is called ankylosing spondylitis, or AS, and mainly affects the spine. The vertebrae, or spinal joints, will become inflamed with extreme pain. Some cases which become advanced will result in new formation of bone leading to fusion effecting both movement and posture. Although it is not as common, other joints can suffer from this condition. Even though it is known that genetics plays a role in ankylosing spondylitis, the direct cause is unknown. Another oddity of this type of arthritis in comparison to others is its occurrence primarily with young people beginning at 17 years of age. Men are more likely to suffer from this condition than woman. However, women have contracted this arthritis as well as children and elderly.

Although there is no cure for AS, there are medications which ease the symptoms of the disease. NSAIDS are generally suggested as well as ankylosing spondylitis therapy. There is also the ankylosing spondylitis diet that may play a role in controlling the disease. However, when therapy, diet, and simple medications are not enough for the pain and inflammation, prescribed medications of higher potency may be used such as an ankylosing spondylitis injection. One of the most proven and promising drugs is called humira. A doctor may administer a humira injection which is known to ease the pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Another avenue of treatment besides a good ankylosing spondylitis diet is a round of remicade infusion. Although this drug has not been officially approved as treatment for AS, it shows promising results.

Studies have shown that exercise and an ankylosing spondylitis diet are the key factors in controlling the symptoms of AS. A specific diet for this condition would include the elimination of starch from the diet, which would be foods such as rice, breads, potatoes, etc. It is also suggested to include a sufficient amount of vitamin D and calcium for bone protection. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meats should be part of an ankylosing spondylitis diet. The proper foods along with a daily exercise regime for AS will most likely provide positive results in controlling symptoms for this form of arthritis.