Anorexia Nervosa Causes – Is Perfectionism Behind This Condition?

Anorexia Nervosa CausesThere are lots of theories revolving around anorexia nervosa causes, but even experts on eating disorders are not completely in agreement. Anorexia facts are changing and evolving on a daily basis, with patients and doctors alike coming to new realizations. There are two different types of anorexics; those that binge and purge and anorexics that severely restrict their food intake. Both will likely to work with some type of anorexia recovery facility, however, the approaches will be very different.

The fact is, there is no definitive set of anorexia nervosa causes. Some believe that images of perfection in the media is the root behind this eating disorder, while still others are under the impression that anorexia existed long before thin women became ideal in pop culture. No matter the cause, anorexia revolves around perfection. Anorexics have a very distorted view of themselves, therefore causing them to strive for unattainable goals.

Eating disorder rehab can be very helpful, but long-term results are not guaranteed. Understanding anorexia nervosa causes can give medical experts a better idea of how to treat the disease, but even then, there will be new cases that leave doctors baffled. For a very long time, anorexia and bulimia were regarded as eating disorders that only impacted women. Men may not be as likely to become anorexic as women, but they have also become a very neglected minority when it comes to developing new treatment methods.

Perfectionism may be the reason that may people develop anorexia, but all anorexia nervosa causes have not yet been covered. Many anorexics also attempt to control other aspects of their lives, including school and work related matters. Better understanding bulimia nervosa facts may also lead eating disorder researchers to new discoveries as these two illnesses are closely related.

The exact cause of anorexia may never be known, but this will not stop progress. With every new fact that emerges, lives are saved and positive body images are restored. Whether or not holding ‘super skinny’ body standards as ideal is a matter of personal taste, self starving, food deprivation, binging and purging and other negative eating habits will only lead to destruction.