Antibiotics For Ear Infection – Are They Safe?

Antibiotics For Ear InfectionThe debate whether antibiotics for ear infections are safe or not continues to make its way within the medical community. Some doctors feel that a baby ear infection requires immediate attention and will automatically prescribe antibiotics for children under six months of age.

Others use a different type of ear infection treatment and recommend antibiotics if the condition is accompanied by a fever or moderate to severe pain. An adult ear infection that does not respond to over the counter ear drops or pain medication may be treated with antibiotics to speed the recovery process.

The question of whether antibiotics are safe to treat ear infection symptoms really depends on individual cases and the side effects that you may experience. Some common side effects of antibiotics in children are diarrhea, diaper rash and vomiting.

It is also quite possible to compromise your immune system by taking antibiotics for ear infections.

Almost 80% of reported cases require very little treatment past the initial diagnosis. Many leave the doctor’s office with a prescription for Ibuprofen, because it has anti-inflammatory agents and ear drops. Your body has the best defense mechanisms possible and depending on the depth of the problem, you may simply have to wait and see what happens.

Unless the problem is progressing, taking antibiotic medication unnecessarily can leave you at a higher risk of developing the issue again, or the infection can be worse. You have a right to question your doctor to make sure this is the best choice. Increased exposure leads to antibiotic resistance. Should this occur, you will require higher doses of the same antibiotic each time.

Taking antibiotics for ear infections can also leave you open for other diseases. As your dependence on antibiotics grows, your natural immune system is challenged. This opens the door for other minor strains of viruses and bacteria.

Having the correct information is vital to proper health. This includes knowing when you should take antibiotics for ear infections. The key to recovering from an illness is recognizing the symptoms quickly and choosing the proper type of treatment. Make sure you do your homework so you can educate yourself. Remember, the ultimate decision is yours to make.

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