Apricot Kernels Health Benefits: Battling Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders

apricot kernels health benefitsInterestingly enough, some of the foods we eat everyday and often take for granted can have powerful effects on the body and in some cases, even stave off diseases. Take for instance, the apricot. This tree born yellow orange fruit is most commonly found in bags of trail mix, dried and dishonored.

However, the fresh fruit might hold some interesting properties both in the meat itself and in newly researched apricot kernels health benefits as well. Some of these body bonuses, such as aiding in improving skin health, are long known apricot kernels health benefits; however, this fruit has much more to offer.

One purported theory lies in the use of apricots in autoimmune disorders, primarily in the function of the thyroid. Disorders of this important gland responsible for controlling metabolism amongst other things are typically the result of autoimmune disorders. It’s thought that it’s high content of vitamin A, an antioxidant known for its ability to fight free radicals, a supposed source of autoimmune conditions. In addition, since most autoimmune conditions involve inflammation, having enough antioxidants to battle the internal inflammation is thought to be useful in this application.

A rather controversial matter concerning apricots lies in its touted use amongst alternative cancer therapies. While there is no question that the beta carotene found in apricots can be a powerful ally I preventing cancer, research is being conducted into apricot seeds health benefits and the role that they might play in actually treating cancer. However, there is a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding this use because there are potentially dangerous and even deadly consequences of enjoying apricot kernels health benefits as well.

While the fruit is safe to eat, there are some questionable chemicals residing in the kernels. This is because of the toxic chemical housed within, amygdalin. Oddly enough, this dangerous compound is also what is thought to provide the apricot kernels health benefits with regards cancer fighting ability. The problem with this compound is that the body converts it to cyanide, an obviously potentially deadly chemical. It’s considered unsafe to use apricot kernels for this reason as the safety of such an endeavor is highly questionable.

There are many well researched health benefits to apricots. They provide vitamins A and C, which are important to many physiological processes. They can help promote good heart health and are a great source of fiber, which can lead to less risk of digestive illnesses and overall better intestinal health. While there are some apricot kernels health benefits that have been proven, such as the use of their oil externally for skin care (in fact, many products that line store shelves take advantage of apricot kernel oil benefits and some are even effective at treating the symptoms of eczema) there are many risks associated with apricot kernels when taken internally. Therefore, you should not use the byproducts of the kernels. In fact, for this reason, they are almost impossible to find, even in health food stores. However, enjoy the fruit freely because it can provide many nutrients that the body needs to function optimally and stave off other illnesses thanks to its rich nutritional profile.