Artificial Insemination At Home Kit – What Are My Chances?

Artificial InseminationWhen trying to figure out your potential for success with artificial insemination, it’s important to not be swayed by statistics. The truth is that women come in all ages, shapes and sizes and to compare the effects of artificial insemination on all of these different body types is very difficult. This is why you need to have a firm understanding of the different reasons that people turn to this method of conception and how different things will play a role in your success level.

One of the common reasons for this conception method is infertility. Whether caused by health conditions from either participant, or unexplained infertility from other sources, this is a very common reason for considering artificial insemination. For instance, when male infertility treatment fails, some people turn to donors. On the flipside, this same instance occurs in cases where female infertility treatment has failed when caused by cervical problems or endometriosis. Another time that AI is beneficial is in the case of same sex partners, where natural reproduction is impossible.
No matter your reasons for choosing artificial insemination, it has its benefits. It’s clearly cheaper than in vitro fertilization procedure, and has been made more convenient with at home kits. Now, don’t be alarmed, these kits don’t contain turkey basters and medical gloves. Often you will find a needleless syringe, a deposit collector, and various other apparatuses for ensuring that you will have the best chance of success. Many people have reported that chances of a successful pregnancy can be enhanced by lying with elevated hips for some time after the procedure. It has also been suggested that an orgasm can help increase your chances, although not proven.

Remember that your age, medical conditions, and ability to properly calculate the best time of the month to attempt at home AI are all very important to how successful your endeavor will be. Using a basal thermometer and utilizing an ovulation kit will further increase your odds. Overall, it is estimated that, in the absence of underlying medical conditions, the success rate is generally between 10-15%.

It’s important to discuss any plans you have for at home insemination with your doctor. He or she will talk to you about the risks and benefits along with your body’s ability to become pregnant. Adequate care and counseling are essential, even when using home products to ensure a healthy, happy potential pregnancy.