Asian Nose Job – What Does Make It a Different Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Asian Nose JobEthnicity plays a very important role in determining which plastic surgery techniques are used to enhance the natural beauty of the nose. Ethnic rhinoplasty is focused on perfecting the appearance of an Asian or Afro-American nose while keeping its shape and bone structures consistent with the specific ethnic heritage. Not understanding the fundamentals of ethnic rhinoplasty leads to unnaturally Caucasian shaped noses that do not appear harmonious with the rest of the face.

Asian nose job is a plastic surgery procedure designed to improve the look of an Asian nose. Asian nose job surgery goals almost always differ from, for example, Caucasian rhinoplasty because they initially deal with opposite nasal structures. Caucasian patients are generally seeking to make their large and more pronounced noses look smaller, while patients of Asian descent desire to make the bridge and tip of the nose more elevated and better projected.

Thicker, more porous skin, flatter nasal structures and wider positioned nostrils are the most common characteristics of an Asian nose that Korean rhinoplasty is challenged with. In order to reinforce initially weak cartilage structure and provide ample support for bridge and tip of the nose, most plastic surgeons will opt for a silicone implant that is laid right on top of the nasal bone creating a perfect foundation for a better projected nose. Some plastic surgeons prefer using autogenous cartilage grafts that are taken from the rib, ear or septum of the patient. Others do not believe that Asians have adequate amount of the cartilage to provide strong basis and use exclusively plastic implants.

Another common problem with ethnic nose is wide nostrils that many ethnic patients desire to make more delicate. Asian nose jobs along with African American nose jobs techniques require only top notch surgeons’ knowledge to create naturally smaller and properly curved nostril openings that will be identical at both sides. Excessive nostril narrowing in Asian nose jobs will create unnecessary scars and artificial looking nose.

When selecting the best plastic surgeon to perform your ethnic wide nose rhinoplasty, choose one with extensive training and experience in working specifically with ethnic rhinoplasty procedures.