Asthma Inhalers Side Effects

Asthma Inhalers Side EffectsMany of the possible asthma inhalers side effects are unpleasant, and some can even be dangerous. If you suffer from this condition then asthma medications over the counter or prescribed ones may be needed to treat it, but there are other methods that can be tried as well. Minimizing the use of these medications also minimizes the potential for any side effects. Many people combine natural treatments, herbal remedies, and traditional medications successfully with the help of a physician.

Possible asthma inhalers side effects include a condition called ventricular fibrillation, and another called tachycardia. With ventricular fibrillation the heart rate speeds up because of the medication and does not slow back down. This can lead to death and is a medical emergency. Tachycardia occurs when the heart rate speeds up for a few seconds and then slows back down. Most natural asthma cures do not carry these risks. There are some herbs that can cause these conditions as well because of the stimulant effect that they have.

Breathing exercises for asthma can be a good way to get relief without drugs. This method does not involve any asthma inhalers side effects. Lifestyle changes can also help, such as avoiding areas that are smoky or include polluted air. During a severe asthma attack medical attention should be sought, even if the goal is natural treatment. In some cases a sudden and severe asthma attack can lead to death if medical treatment is not given.

There are a number of asthma attack treatment options available, both in modern medicine and in natural alternative treatments. Breathing easy does not have to mean dealing with unpleasant asthma inhalers side effects. If one treatment is not effective then try others, and eventually this trial and error will pay off. Prescribed and over the counter medications can cause a stroke, brain hemorrhaging, respiratory infections, cardiac rhythm problems, stomach pain, and many other side effects.