Asthma Medications Over the Counter Review

Asthma Medications Over the CounterWhen it comes to asthma medications over the counter there is a definite shortage of products available that are both safe and effective. Unlike the many different drugs available for prescription asthma attack treatment, OTC products only involve the use of either adrenaline, also labeled epinephrine, or ephedrine. While either of these medications may be effective for some patients they can have dangerous or even deadly side effects in some cases. While these treatments are much less expensive and do not require a physician to write a prescription they should never be used without medical advice from your healthcare provider.

For patients who are suffering from cardiac asthma neither of these over the counter products are really acceptable. This form of asthma is caused by congestive heart failure, and is not actually asthma even though there is wheezing and difficulty breathing. Both epinephrine and ephedrine can cause cardiac complications, placing enormous strain on a heart that is already failing. Asthma medications over the counter in this situation could result in death.

Many people have found that natural asthma cures can be very effective, and do not normally carry the risk of any side effects. This can be a safer method than resorting to asthma medications over the counter, and can help control your asthma over the long term. There are breathing exercises, acupuncture, and many other natural or alternative remedies that may help control your asthma just as effectively as drugs, whether they are over the counter or the prescription variety.

Exercise induced asthma may be helped by OTC medications in some people. This type of asthma only occurs during or after exercise, so there is no need to take prescription maintenance drugs usually. Some find that using asthma medications over the counter right before or after exercise is successful in preventing an attack. For others this does not work however, and medications may become necessary. If you suffer from asthma know the danger signs, and seek medical attention immediately if they occur. This could save your life.