Asthma Symptoms in Adults – How To Avoid An Outbreak?

Asthma Symptoms In AdultsOur environments are just filled with things that want to aggravate your asthma. Anything obnoxious in the air we breathe can send us racing for the inhaler. So how can you avoid and eliminate the triggers that are causing your asthma or brittle asthma attacks? The first step is identifying them, and this quick read will help you find and destroy some of the common causes of asthma symptoms in adults.

Anyone around you a smoker? Well, tell them to be a pal and put it out. That secondhand smoke is a major cause of asthma symptoms in adults, and just because you aren’t puffing the butt doesn’t mean that you aren’t inhaling a healthy dose of that traveling smoke. Got dust mites? Sure you do because everyone does. Avoid their triggering effects by using removable and washable covers on your pillows and bedding ensuring that you can clean these soft surfaces often to reduce the amount of bronchial tube constricting buggers. Stuck at a friend’s house having an asthma attack no inhaler to be found and can’t figure out why? Maybe they have cockroaches. The droppings and eggs of these little nasties can cause asthma symptoms in adults and children as well. And, don’t forget the pets you DO want around, the dander they leave behind can wreak havoc on the respiratory system of an asthma sufferer.

Beyond environmental factors, having a case of the flu or a respiratory infection can activate your outbreak as well. And, don’t forget about those cleaning supplies. Chemical fumes can also be a big contributor. Ventilate the room you are cleaning and step away and try some breathing exercises for asthma if you have no choice but to use chemicals when cleaning.

Avoiding the everyday triggers of asthma can help reduce the amount of attacks you have. By ensuring that your environment is clean and allergen free, you can dramatically shrink the number of times you are racing for an inhaler. For seasonal asthma sufferers, dress appropriately for the weather, and try to stay indoors on days that allergens and pollutants are high. Asthma symptoms in adults can be controlled with proper medical care and advice, and a common sense approach to the world around you and its effects on your body.