Atherosclerosis Symptoms – Tips For Early Detection and Prevention!

Atherosclerosis SymptomsAtherosclerosis is caused from buildup in the arteries and is caused by fat, cholesterol or plaque. Over time, as this buildup increases, it becomes harder and harder for the blood that needs to pass through to get where it is going. Depending on where this occurs, such as in carotid atherosclerosis – that which affects the artery servicing your brain that runs along the sides of your neck – the early symptoms may vary widely. And, it is not uncommon for people to not have any atherosclerosis symptoms at all, until the condition has become serious. However, there are some early signs that you can look for and be aware of. And, do not forget that serious conditions like atherosclerosis of aorta – that which affects the artery that heads for your heart – are in fact mostly preventable!

Blocked arteries symptoms do not present the way a rash or a stomach ache does. There has to be a little bit of something clogging up your arteries before you will know that anything is amiss. However, you can pay attention to some very early atherosclerosis symptoms that should send you heading for the doctor’s office as soon as possible. Remember, these will vary depending on the location of the clog. For instance, atherosclerosis symptoms affecting arteries near the genitals may manifest as difficulties having sex, like erectile dysfunction for instance. In arteries in the arms and legs, you may have some pain when walking or using your arms. Heart artery blockages can result in angina, or chest pain, and those that head for the kidneys can lead to high blood pressure.

Because blood clots can form from bursts of plaque heading for very important organs like the heart and brain, as is the case sometimes in cerebral atherosclerosis, it is very important not only that you pay attention to early warning signs such as the aforementioned, but also serious atherosclerosis symptoms such as numbness in the limbs, vision loss and trouble speaking.

The good news is that not only is atherosclerosis preventable, it is also treatable once discovered. Lifestyle changes are key, particularly if you have risk factors such as a family history or diabetes. Other risk factors include smoking, and you should try to kick the habit as soon as possible if you are worried about the health of your arteries.

For preventing atherosclerosis, controlling your diet and cholesterol is key. And, that will mean eating a healthy and balanced diet that incorporates low fat and high nutrient foods. Consider fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, along with your daily requirements from that food pyramid thing that you forgot about the moment you stepped out of elementary school. Additionally, regular exercise is important not only for maintaining an ideal weight, but for keeping the body healthy. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking will not only take a serious toll on your body; it will also create problems in your arteries. Lastly, a visit with your doctor to check on things such as your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels will help you to better understand what your risk is for developing this condition before you experience atherosclerosis symptoms.

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