Atkins Diet Meal Plan – Secrets Revealed!

Atkins Diet Meal PlanThese days, fad diets are gaining increasing popularity as people are trying to find a diet that will help them shed the unwanted pounds quickly. One of the popular low sugar low carb diet plans is Aktins Diet meal plan.

Atkins diet meal plan has four phases and the first phase is called the induction phase. Atkins diet induction phase requires you to restrict even fruits and most vegetables (exception for some leafy greens). Eating smaller meals with specified Atkins diet snacks 4-5 times throughout the day is encouraged.

A few secrets to success:

1. The main secret for Atkins diet meal plan to work without the side effects is to monitor the level the ketone bodies in your body. Use urine strips such as Ketostix to check for color change which indicates ketones in your body. Dark colors indicate higher levels of ketones.

2. Drink a lot of water (when your ketone levels are high, drink even more). Ketones and other toxins should be eliminated from the body and water is a must to reduce the stress on the kidneys and to purify the blood.

3. Atkins diet foods list contains rich foods like meats, butter and cheeses. These foods can keep you full and make you consume less calories. If you are experiencing weakness or headaches, it is better to increase your calorie intake.

4. The secret to avoiding high protein side effects is weight training which requires protein to build muscles increasing your overall protein intake requirement. Exercise also stimulates fat burning and is encouraged in Atktins diet meal plan.

5. One of the secrets to good health on the diet is supplementation of potassium and calcium. Other vitamins and minerals should also be added if needed.

6. Avoid caffeine as it can stall weight loss.

7. Avoid also all processed No carb bars or chocolate as they can only stall the weight loss.

Experts say that Atkins diet requires more evidence to validate its affect on long term health. But this diet is relatively healthy compared to other extreme fad diets such as all protein diet or fasting diet.