Bacterial Sinus Infection – Are There Antibiotics Alternatives?

Bacterial Sinus InfectionBacterial sinus infection is one of the most common reasons that people are prescribed antibiotics. Although antibiotics can help clear up infections of all kinds very quickly, they can also cause a lot of damage to the human body. Generally, ‘weak’ antibiotics are prescribed first so that the bacteria do not build up resistance to these medications. If you want to use antibiotics for sinus infection, you may learn about these natural alternatives first.

The first thing that you should realize is that the bacterial sinus infection is not highly contagious. This means that there is little chance that it can be transmitted from person to person. Also realize that there is a major different between bacterial sinus infection and a fungal infection of the nose. Antifungal medications will absolutely be needed to clear up a fungal infection.

Traditionally, over the counter medications can be used to help with most bacterial infections. Home remedies consisting of tea tree oil, garlic or oregano oil can be used in place of antibiotics and stronger prescription drugs, in most instances. Sinus flushes are also very helpful.

It is very easy to confuse sinus infection contagious symptoms with a regular sinus headache. Combined with excessive mucus, pain in the face and swelling may also accompany a bacterial sinus infection. These are the most common sinus infections signs and symptoms, however, pain can also occur in the throat and the back of the head. This may also be a sign that your infection is spreading.

There are alternatives to the standard bacterial sinus infection treatment, but this is not a decision that you need to make by yourself. If you have caught the bacterial infection early enough, you will be able to suggest these holistic home remedies to your doctor. Your doctor may see no harm in you giving them a try, but also remember that you are not an expert on this topic. Infections of the sinus are fairly easy to treat, but they can also cause infections in other parts of the body. The next time that you start to feel a sinus infection coming on, use these remedies to clear it up immediately.