Bad Breath In Children Causes and Remedies

Bad Breath In ChildrenSevere bad breath in children can be alarming, especially when all preventative measures have been taken. By the time a child reaches approximately 12 years in age, his or her adult teeth should be fully developed. Even still, it is imperative that all kids practice good oral hygiene habits in order to avoid halitosis and other disorders. Kids can almost always get rid of bad breath just by rinsing their mouths with water, but this does not always work.

In most cases, bad breath in children is a result of allergies, the flu or the common cold, diet, gum disease or constantly breathing out of the mouth. A child that has bad breath after being sick doesn’t need to do anything extra. His or her case of halitosis will clear up on its own within a couple of days. Bad breath mouthwash that is especially made for children can be helpful if allergies are the culprit. Poor dietary habits and gum disease in children is completely avoidable, but these are simple remedies.

You won’t be able to rely on home remedies for bad breath if your child has gum disease resulting from plaque and tartar build up. However, the children’s variety of the best gum for bad breath can be helpful if your son or daughter does not breathe from the nose. It will take time and patience to relearn how to breathe out of the nose, but this will eventually prevent halitosis from coming bad.

Sometimes bad breath in children can be an indication that something is terribly amiss. Children that eat a lot of sugary foods and fail to brush properly can get gum disease along with tooth decay. If left untreated, an infection in the mouth can develop. Short periods of bad breath in children are nothing to be concerned with when it can be cured with brushing and mouthwash. Strong odors combined with rotten or broken teeth should immediately be dealt with by a licensed dentist. Tell your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day, limit sugar intake and your worries about bad breath will be halted.