Bags Under Eyes Causes – Age, Kidney or Thyriod?

Bags Under Eyes CausesQuestions about bags under eyes causes are surfacing more frequently these days. In the past, many people believed puffiness under eyes or dark circles were signs of poor sleeping habits or stress. Today, we know that bags under the eyes causes are vast and affect a larger percentage of the population than originally thought.

For instance, physicians completed research about causes of bags under eyes and discovered age is a contributing factor to bags under the eyes. The natural process of growing old causes the ligaments above and below the eyes to grow weak and less supportive. This results in the drooping upper lids and sagging below.

Women who are skin conscious know how to git rid of under eye bags and spend millions a year on anti-aging creams and lotions to keep them at bay. Others make an appointment with the plastic surgeon of their choice; they perform more bags under eyes surgery than any other type of doctor. The most popular procedure is the lower blepharoplasty, which helps reduce the bags and sagging from the lower eyelid area.

Another contributor to bags under eyes causes can be the result of a kidney problem. If your body retains fluids, bags can accumulate underneath your skin, especially when you are sleeping and not eliminating water. The excess fluid gets trapped under any loose skin with fat deposits.

People who suffer from hyperthyroidism or Graves’s disease are also on the list of bags under eyes causes because their condition leaves them vulnerable to eye problems, like bags. The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism in the body and when it produces too many hormones, the muscles in the eyes can start to bulge and swell. Along with these symptoms, eye bags can occur when the eyelids swell and surround the fatty tissue.

As you can now see, it is very important for you to find out what is causing your under eye bags. You may be suffering from a serious illness that can be easily treated or even reversed if you act now.

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