Bed Bug Bites Symptoms and Treatment

Bed Bug Bites SymptomsBed bug bites symptoms may not be noticed right away or at all, and may be mistaken for other types of insect bites instead unless you actually see the bugs responsible. What do bed bug bites look like, and how can you tell if these insects are responsible for the bites you are noticing? Bed bugs are small insects which may appear similar to ticks or small cockroaches, and they have wings although they cannot fly. Identifying insect bites caused by bed bugs can be difficult, because often these bites will resemble those left by other insects. Usually the initial bite does not itch right away, but over time will notice redness, swelling, and itching. If the bites are scratched repeatedly they can become infected and antibiotics may be needed because of a secondary infection at the site.

Bed bug bites symptoms can include an unusual bite formation, and it is not uncommon to find bites which are lined up in a row. The bed bug bites itching usually starts some time after the bite occurs, and it can become severe for some individuals. You will usually notice bed bug bites symptoms after waking from sleep when you get out of bed in the morning. These bugs are large enough to be visible, and you may also notice dark specks which is their waste in the bed linens and areas around the bed.

If you notice bed bug bites symptoms then you will probably want to know what treatments are needed to eliminate these insects and stop this problem. Most of the time no bed bug bites treatment Is necessary, although if the itching or swelling becomes severe you can use an oral antihistamine and steroid creams on the affected area, as well as over the counter pain medications such as Motrin, which also helps stop any swelling. The presence of bed bug bites symptoms may mean a complete and thorough extermination in your home if there is an infestation. This can mean throwing out all furniture and items and buying brand new things in severe cases, and this can be quite costly.