Benefits of Peppermint

Benefits Of PeppermintThere are many benefits of peppermint and this plant has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. This herb tastes great and adds flavor to many foods and has many therapeutic uses as well. Peppermint oil benefits can be used to treat many medical conditions, diseases and illnesses. Clinical studies have shown that this plant helps treat irritable bowel syndrome and helps calm and soothe the entire digestive tract. Nausea treatment, stopping stomach and intestinal cramps, and even cooling the skin and scalp are all benefits of peppermint. There are many other benefits provided by peppermint as well.

The menthol in peppermint is one of the benefits. There are many peppermint oil uses, and many of these are due to the menthol. Menthol helps clear the respiratory system and works as an expectorant, making it easier to bring up mucus and breathe freely. Headache relief is another of the many benefits of peppermint and some individuals find that placing the oil on the temples will cause headache pain to disappear. Using peppermint oil for hair will soothe an irritated scalp and eliminate dandruff. The oil will even kill off lice in your hair if there are any of these bugs present.

One of the benefits of peppermint is that this plant can help cool and soothe injured and overexerted muscles. Peppermint will work as an anesthetic and analgesic in minimizing pain and discomfort from muscle strains and sprains. One of the most popular peppermint tea benefits is the cough suppressant effect that the tea has. The tea will soothe an irritated throat and stop a cough before it becomes excessive. Blood circulation will improve when peppermint is used regularly and this plant has shown some promise in treating urinary tract benefits. Some studies suggest that when peppermint is combined with caraway oil, this mixture can treat indigestion even though peppermint oil by itself is not recommended for this condition.