Benefits of Turmeric For Arthritis Pain

Turmeric ArthritisThere are many herbs and spices from nature that can provide benefit to the body. One commonly used herb is turmeric, a favorite flavoring for curry and other foods. The medicinal uses for turmeric extract and powder are plenty; however one of the most popular uses of turmeric tea and its other preparations is for the treatment of arthritis.

It’s thought that this cousin of ginger is able to help relieve arthritis due to its anti inflammatory properties. The turmeric arthritis connection has been studied in several tests; however one notable research trial in Italy using combination turmeric formulations saw noteworthy improvement in symptoms in the 50 person study. Not only were people who participated in the turmeric arthritis trials feeling less pain and discomfort from their conditions, they also found a reduced need to use their traditional anti-inflammatory medications.

Interestingly enough, other tests have shown that there may also be a preventative consideration in the turmeric arthritis link. Studied involving rats injected with inflammation inducing substances found that those that were given turmeric before receiving the agent to cause swelling had less joint swelling manifest as a result. In short, there were some promising results that indicated that turmeric arthritis remedies may be useful in both treatment and preventative care of this painful condition.

Another bonus to using this useful spice? There are few known turmeric side effects, and those that do exist are typically characterized as mild and infrequent. Stomach upset or nausea, dizziness or diarrhea can occur, although not very often. This is a pleasant plus to using turmeric, which likely will yield less side effects than many over the counter products, and could prove to be equally effective. However, turmeric may cause issues with blood clotting and might be problematic after a surgery. As such, it’s advisable to start with a consultation with a health care provider before using turmeric arthritis remedies, particularly if you are taking medications or have health conditions as unsafe interactions can occur.

Additionally, there is some information that indicates that taking turmeric while pregnant can be considered unsafe, and as such should be avoided. This does not refer, however, to turmeric intake in foods as a spice agent.