Best Arch Supports For Flat Feet: Top 5 Picks!

arch supports for flat feetFlat feet are a common occurrence, particularly in adults who experience the loss of arches often after years and years of neglect to the important muscles in the foot that are responsible for keeping the arch in tip top shape.

As such, products of all shapes and sizes have come about to help remedy this common problem and it’s not hard to find shoes for flat feet women and men specifically, as well as inserts, pads and supports that can be either added to shoes for flat feet with characteristic design traits, or just regular everyday shoes. The logic behind various orthotics for flat feet is that these devices can provide support to the arch in various methods which can decrease discomfort if being experienced as well as slowly help the foot regain some arch structure. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 arch supports for flat feet based on price, design and user reviews and this list includes everything from flat feet insoles to cushions. If you’re considering a pricey purchase of running shoes for flat feet, don’t go to the store without first checking out this top 5 list to see if there might be a less expensive product that can be used in all of your footwear.

1. Dr. Scholl’s: Few names are better known for feet than Dr. Scholl’s and they offer arch supports for flat feet that are not only able to help relieve some of the pain associated with a lack of arches, but also provide shock absorption that can help add comfort. By providing support, this offering from Dr. Scholl’s works in the same way other orthotics for flat feet do, with the added benefit of providing an inexpensive product that also boasts long term use and wear, up to six months as a matter of fact.

2. Strutz pro Cushioned Arch Supports: A pair of these arch supports for flat feet will run you just under $25.00, however users claim that they provide comfortable, all day wear and work well with multiple types of footwear. Featuring a lightweight pad made of foam, the arch is gently contoured by the hugging compression action of the wrap.

3. Flexa Med Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support: Less than ten dollars is considered a steal for most arch supports for flat feet and this one is an even better bargain because it’s well reviewed by past users as well as being affordable. Offering comfortable compression via a neoprene fabric composition as well as targeted support directly to the arch, every day wear is thoughtless and simple with this quality foot friend.

4. Pedag Self Adhesive Metatarsal Pad for Flat Feet: A pair of these arch supports for flat feet is inexpensive and effective at reducing the burning, tingling and pain that can result from having flat feet, specifically those with metatarsal arches that have been flattened. They are made of leather and extremely durable and come in varying sizes for a comfortable and customized fit.

5. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles: While most arch supports for flat feet are acceptable for use in any type of shoe, these products from Superfeet are unique in that they are designed for thinner and tighter fitting shoes and for those with the flattest of flat feet. This unique design comes at a price however, and a set of these shock absorbing and arch reforming insoles will run $35.00 and up.