Best Bad Breath Mouthwash

Bad Breath MouthwashBad breath mouthwash does work pretty well, but there are some caveats. Bad breath is often caused by an excess film of plague on the teeth, bacterial build up on the tongue, residue on the tonsils or tooth decay. When brushing your teeth won’t get rid of bad breath, mouthwash can be helpful. In fact, mouthwashes for bad breath are one of the most popular oral hygiene products with the general public. Unlike brushing, mouthwash will get your entire mouth clean with just a few minutes of gargling.

Bad breath mouthwash can be used as a quick and easy halitosis treatment because it is portable, and no clean up is required. Virtually any kind of mouthwash will cleanse the tongue, teeth and gums, but most people want to know which brand is touted as the best. Manufacturers have long used alcohol in bad breath products because it acts as a strong antiseptic. However, alcohol is also a drying agent that can kill off the good germs that reside in the mouth.

For this reason, the best bad breath mouthwash has no alcohol. Scope, one of the most well known mouthwash brands has several alcohol free varieties. Listerine and Oral-B are also good choices for people with recurring halitosis. Listerine Zero has no alcohol, comes in different flavors and is regularly suggested by dentists.

The best toothpaste for bad breath should be used with a dentist approved toothbrush so that your mouthwash is more effective. You don’t necessary need to buy your toothpaste and mouthwash from the same company, just make sure that they are both completely alcohol free. Natural mouthwash that is free of artificial ingredients is suggested for those with extra sensitive teeth or restricted diets.

Because bad breath is not connected to a single cause, there is no way of knowing which specific brand will work best for you. You may have great luck with the very first bad breath mouthwash that you try, but there is also a chance that you will need to purchase several brands until you get the perfect one. If you experience halitosis despite using bad breath products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, you can try flossing before and after meals.