Best Catheters For Men Review

Catheters For MenIf you haven’t figured out by now that men and women have different parts, then you need to be reading a different article. The differences in anatomy between men and women mean different choices amongst catheterization products. Specifics such as foley catheter size, type and material vary among different manufacturers and when combining these with gender specific choices, choosing the right product for you may seem like a daunting task. No matter why you are using a catheter whether it is that you are simply unable to urinate, or treating a prostate problem, or experiencing urinary retention or urge incontinence, you have many options available to you in a choice of foley catheter. We have sifted through products and reviews to come up the best choices for catheters for men. You will want to discuss your options with your health care provider ultimately, but this buying guide may help make your choice a little easier.

Freedom clear is most likely the most often selected and most popular choice among catheters for men. It comes in 5 different sizes and is 100% latex free. It’s clear, so you can see what’s going on down there if you get curious, but its transparency serves another practical purpose, and that is inspection of the area for signs of infection or inflammation. It’s purportedly ultra thin and kink resistant which can take some of the hassle out of catheterization. Among catheters for men, it’s also an extremely popular choice due to the fact that it’s breathable and allows for the evaporation of perspiration, a common complaint for men in that general area.

Do you fancy yourself an oily individual or happen to live in a climate that is particularly humid or moist? Then you may want to consider the Clear Advantage line of catheters for men. Their products boast a more aggressive adhesive which is ideal for particularly oily and moist environments and also purportedly create less irritation than other brands. With a 48 hour potential wear time, a latex free design and kink resistant components; it’s a leader among catheters for men.

You will want to discuss your concerns and questions regarding catheterization products with your health care professional. He or she will help you make decisions regarding which products are right for you. Regardless of which brand or design or type you choose, the care involved will remain the same and you will need to be diligent about keeping the area clean and dry and also inspecting it regularly for signs of inflammation and infection. By making good choices about which products are right for you, you can decrease the potential aggravation and discomfort associated with catheterization.