Best Electronic Cigarettes on The Market

Best Electronic CigarettesIf you are thinking about quitting smoking, or just tired of being publicly shunned or forced to freeze yourself off in the cold because you’re now forced to smoke outside in almost every single state, you may be considering a premium electronic cigarette. However, since most of them command a premium price tag, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way in picking the best brands to try so you don’t end up wasting just as much money as you have been on cancer sticks. It’s important to note that whether you are considering the V2 electronic cigarette or have decided to try to bring out your inner European with the fancier Prado electronic cigarette, no manufacturer makes health claims about their product. While likely safer than smoking, you are still taking a risk and putting who knows what into a likely already battered pair of lungs. Thankfully, to help you make your decision about the best electronic cigarettes, the internet is packed with reviews from users who have done the leg work for you to help you decide which of the purported best electronic cigarettes is worth your hard earned dough.

If you’re looking for the “cool” factor, consider Blu electronic cigarettes. While they might not be the best electronic cigarettes if taste is a big factor for you, they do boast features like very hip blue lights and radio signals that can notify you if you are around other blu users. We’re not sure why you would want to do that, but the option is there if you want to share your blue light ambiance with each other. Vapor 4 Life is well reviewed for its taste, delivery and long lasting battery. While some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market claim to have batteries lasting a full day, Vapor 4 Life can last up to two, which is great if you are a heavy user or prefer to not be bogged down by a low charged cig.

NJoy may sound like an off brand purveyor on the electronic cig market, it’s one of the oldest around and is even coming out with a disposable electronic cigarette that you can recycle and get more in exchange. It’s been well reviewed for taste, value and battery life and is time and time again one of the most recommended among the best electronic cigarettes.

Regardless of what type or brand you choose, there is no guarantee that using an electronic cigarette is entirely safe. However, in some cases they can be a fantastic crutch to help you kick the habit, or a great alternative to public places and social settings where smoking is not appropriate.