Best Estrogen Blocker – 5 Products Recommended by Experts!

Best Estrogen BlockerIt’s common knowledge that men have testosterone and women have estrogen, but did you know that both sexes actually contain the hormones of the other? While some men may suffer from low testosterone levels, other may in fact simply have the side effects of entirely too much estrogen such as the dreaded man boobies. As men age, the testosterone that is in their systems can start converting itself to the female version which can lead to the funnily named male menopause. There are ways that you can fight back, and if you are into working out or body building, our top 5 list may be of particular interest to you. We’ve come up with the 5 best picks for estrogen blockers as determined by experts in the muscle building field. These products can help correct a female hormone imbalance in men by blocking the conversion of estrogen in their bodies. If you are looking for the best estrogen blocker, start by checking out our list of the top 5!

1. TestoRex Anti-Estrogen: Aromatase inhibitors such as ZTrestoRex work by increasing the amount of free testosterone in your body which can in turn reduce the frequency of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This product claims to help you build muscle, boost immunity and increase libido, all key product points when shopping for the best estrogen blocker.

2. EstroBlock: You won’t be accumulating lean muscle mass with this pick for best estrogen blocker, but you can be doing your body some good anyways. This product changes the ratio of good and bad estrogen within the body which can help men with prostate problems and women with hormonal issues and those who take birth control pills. According to the manufacturer there are also weight control benefits to be gained from this product as well.

3. SportsOne Aromiblock: This product is a one trick pony, but is effective in its role as an estrogen blocker. By minimizing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, it can help you build lean muscle and correct the psychological malfunctions you may experience by being overloaded with the female hormone.

4. Formadrol Extreme: This pick for best estrogen blocker was formulated by a team of researchers to give you the most powerful estrogen blocking available to help you increase strength, gain lean muscle and increase endurance, all packed into rapid release caps.

5. Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution: A multipurpose product that can help increase your overall energy levels, amplify your testosterone and block estrogen is a no brainer on our list of picks for the best estrogen blocker. At around 30 bucks, it’s economical and powerful all rolled into one great product.