Best Gum For Bad Breath

Best Gum For Bad BreathIf you select the best gum for bad breath, you will benefit in several different ways. Besides promoting healthy teeth and gums, the best chewing gum also helps with chronic bad breath. Most people keep a pack of chewing gum on hand in case they need to give their mouths a quick cleaning, but not all brands are great for stopping bad breath. Extra sugary gum that contains too many synthetic ingredients may taste good, but it will do little for your halitosis.

Scientific evidence shows that the best gum for bad breath is any brand that has a small amount of sugar. Extra, Trident, Orbit and even Bazooka all comes in sugar free varieties. All of these types of chewing gum are regularly used to stop bad breath, but they do contain sugar substitutes. They cannot be used in placed of regular toothpaste, but they can replace some of the best bad breath mouthwash brands.

There are some products being sold as bad breath solutions that work internally, but their effects last no longer than chewing gum. This is because the enzymes that reside on the inside of the digestive system cannot be balanced by supplements alone. In other words, eating healthy foods will give you fresher breath for longer than any of these internally based remedies.

As long as the type of chewing gum you choose has little to no sugar, you can rest assured that you have picked up one of the best gum for bad breath products. Remember that low to no sugar gum does not give all people the same level of results. If you are a heavy drinker, a smoker or eat fast foods on a regular basis, you will need to change your entire lifestyle to stop bad breath.

If you consult with your dentist, you may get a specific best gum for bad breath recommendation, but this will be based on his or her personal opinion. Try out different flavors, textures and brands until you find a staple. Even people with the best oral hygiene maintenance routines still occasionally need a stick of gum or two.