Best Keloid Scar Removal Cream – Top 5 Picks!

Keloid Scar Removal CreamOvergrown tissue creates keloid scars. Those big, puffy, unattractive marks that anyone is susceptible to and everyone hopes they don’t end up with. There are many options to aid in keloid scar removal, however not all of them are effective, and options like surgical scar removal can often have unfortunate side effects, like the resulting surgical scar being a keloid as well. If you’ve ever had laser acne scar removal, the process is largely the same, with the exception of potentially unwanted after effects. Keloid scar removal cream, is a secondary option to surgical keloid scar removal, and while having unrealistic expectations about creams is not a good idea; don’t rule out the possibilities of finding good products that can do some good for your damaged dermis and your symptoms. Check out our list of the top 5 picks for Keloid scar removal cream, based on user reviews!

1. Scar Away Silicone Gel Scar Treatment: A massaging applicator and proven silicone gel combine to create a powerful and surprisingly affordable formula.

2. Kelo-Cote: While you won’t achieve full skin scar removal, Kelo-Cote can help to reduce the appearance of your scars by flattening, softening and relieving the discomfort associated with these collagen filled nodules.

3. Mederma: Helps to improve the look of scars and contains an SPF. Affordably priced, and well reviewed keloid scar removal cream.

4. SpectraGel: Safe and effective Keloid scar management for fresh marks, or years old scars. Odorless and water repellent, this easy to apply product is easier to use than sheets.

5. Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Treatment: This keloid scar removal cream is actually a silicone gel that dries fast and is completely transparent. This product claims to reduce the appearance of new and old keloid scars.

Remember, there is no miracle cream that is going to make your keloid scars disappear overnight. However, if you’re worried about recurrence after surgery, or looking for more inexpensive options to diminish the look of your scars, the options above are well reviewed by users. Having realistic expectations about the products you are purchasing will help to reduce disappointment, however. Speak to your doctor about your keloid scars. He or she may have suggestions or tips for you, and you will want to discuss any over the counter creams, gels, or sheets you are using with him or her before use.