Best Lotion For Dry Skin on Face – Top 10 Picks!

Best Lotion For Dry SkinThe best lotion for dry skin will give you the missing moisture that your oil glands are not naturally producing. There are many reasons why your oil glands may not produce enough oil, which can include alcohol based cleansers, drying abrasive soaps and even the sun. If you want to quickly find a solution for your Itchy dry skin, check out the best 10 brands of lotion for the face.

1. Hemperor Natureshea Moisturizer – Made with natural shea butter, jojoba oil amd vitamins C, E & A, you can try the product known as the best lotion for dry skin to get soothing relief.

2. Body Drench Original Moisturizer – This lotion will leave your skin feeling extra hydrated after each and every application.

3. Vaseline Moisture products – If you have extremely dry skin on the face, you should try out different Vaseline Moisture products to see which one works best.

4. Nivea – This cream is very moisturizing, smells good and leaves your skin feeling beautiful and soft. Many beauty experts have named Nivea the best lotion for dry skin.

5. Vital Vitamin Day cream – Manufactured by Simple, which is one of the leading makers of beauty products in the world, you will not be disappointed when this lotion hits your skin.

6. Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. cream – For those that need an intensive daily moisturizer for dry skin, Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. cream has a proprietary blend of ingredients appropriate for even the most sensitive skin.

7. Oil of Olay – Who hasn’t heard of Oil of Olay products? While this company probably doesn’t even need to advertise its selection of the best lotion for dry skin anymore, it’s still worth a mention.

8. Crème de la Mer – This lotion for dry skin is a little harder to find but is wonderful at replenishing the moisture and adding to the elasticity of your skin.

9. Eucerin Facial Moisturizer – Hydrate your face with a spa quality cream at a low price. Eucerin is also favored by those with psoriasis and other skin conditions.

10. Cold Cream – Old fashioned cold cream still work magic when it comes to moisturizing, removing make up and revitalizing the skin.