Best Magnesium Supplement – Top 5 Picks!

best magnesium supplementMany people don’t think much about supplements other than a standard daily multivitamin, but you could be missing out on magnesium supplements benefits by not making sure that you are getting enough of this essential mineral. Absolutely vital to almost every organ in the body in some way, there’s no excuse not to make sure that you are getting enough.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms such as muscle cramping, irritability and restless legs syndrome can be another reason why you might consider seeking out the best magnesium supplement available. And, if you are considering one, you’ll likely be glad to know that there are many quality products available to help you either achieve better overall health, or correct a lack of this important mineral. Before shopping however, check out this list of the top 5 choices for best magnesium supplement!

1. Nature Made High Potency Magnesium: These liquid soft gels boast a high dose of magnesium, clocking in at 400 mg. apiece allowing easier once daily dosing. This pick for best magnesium supplement is touted to help nerve, muscle, and heart function along with supporting other physiological processes that utilize this vital mineral.

2. Now Foods Magnesium Citrate: it’s most common to come across the compound magnesium citrate in most supplements, and Now Foods presents an economical option, offering 200 mg. tablets, taken 2 together in one dose, for just over $11.00.

3. Jigsaw Health Magnesium: For people looking to spring back after athletic injury or just bring relief to cramping muscles, Jigsaw Health offers this pick for best magnesium supplement that is also purported to reduce stress and sustain bone structure, along with helping to encourage energy production. It’s not a bargain priced, but the combination product might be worth the $33.00 price tag.

4. Natural Calm Natural Vitality: Natural Calm Magnesium supplement comes in the form of either flavored or plain powder that can be added to clear water or existing beverages. Users tout that the supplement provides a boost in brain power, stress relief and an easing of muscle aches, pains and cramps.

5. Source Naturals Magnesium Malate: This pick for best magnesium supplement is a bit different from the others because it’s mechanism of action is unlike the other entries. Used similarly for its benefits for organ and muscle health, yet also adding the claim that magnesium malate can help remove aluminum build ups from the body. It’s a multipurpose product that is a bargain in the wallet department, coming in at under $20.00 for a large bottle of 360 tablets.

It’s important to remember that if you choose to use supplements that you do so under the care and direction of a doctor. In some cases, serious drug interactions may occur, and some illnesses and diseases can be adversely affected, even by essential vitamins and minerals. It’s also always best to use supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan so that you can get the most benefit from both your body and your boosters.