Best Natural Decongestant For Children with Allergies

Natural DecongestantA lot of parents of children with allergies look for a natural decongestant prior to settling on over the counter medication. If you are the parent of a particularly young child, this is probably best. Although OTC drugs for kids are largely safe, pediatricians advise parents to use natural remedies first.

The best way to give your kids natural allergy relief is to simply keep them hydrated. Give your child unlimited access to clear fluids like water and the excess mucus will slowly begin to be eliminated. Another option for parents weary of Nasonex side effects is a saline spray for the nose. Physically draining out the mucus will help to break it up and act as a natural decongestant in both children and adults.

If a child has allergies to dogs, these methods will also work with mixed results. Remember that even the best natural decongestant will not keep allergies from reoccurring. Only prescriptive and over the counter medications will alleviate all symptoms of allergies.

Humidifiers also work wonderfully for clearing up congestion and allergies. Keeping a humidifier in your child’s room will act as both a natural decongestant as well as give your child a sense of comfort. If you cannot access a humidifier, try having your kid lean over a pot of hot water. The steam makes it easier for children to blow their nose.

Natural decongestants such as the ones listed above will only do but so much. If they do not provide relief, a doctor’s visit is in order. Be aware that drugs can cause negative reactions like Zyrtec side effects and excessive sleepiness. Natural home remedies can also be used in place of prescriptions, but you must be careful when you use them on children, particularly herbs and supplements.

Kids of all ages can use natural decongestants safely. Do not overuse any of these methods as they can possibly cause irritation to the nose or skin. If you do not see any improvement within 48 hours, it is possible that your child does not have allergies but the flu, the common cold or another ailment.