Best Over The Counter Laxatives – Top 5 Choices Recommended!

over the counter laxativesFor the occasional bout of constipation, you have many treatment options at your disposal. Home care is often more than adequate to provide relief for constipation and many people employ a combination method of both dietary adjustments along with over the counter laxatives for fast and gentle relief.

There are many choices lining store shelves, but, some are better than others. Options like an Epsom salt laxative remedy are often hardly effective and can even be dangerous, and some people employ hokey holistic and alternative constipation home remedies; however there is really no need to go to such extremes for relieving constipation with so many proven great over the counter laxatives at your fingertips. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 choices you might want to consider if you are experiencing impassable stools. You can find almost all of our top 5 choices just about anywhere for quick and easy access to gentle relief.

1. Dulcolax: A very popular product amongst over the counter laxatives, Dulcolax claims to provide gentle and effective relief. This product, containing Bisacodyl (a stimulant laxative) works by motivating the intestines to get moving which makes it easier to pass stool. Diarrhea and abdominal pain are potential side effects when using this product.

2. Miralax: Miralax works by an interesting mechanism; by retaining water (necessary for proper bowel movements) in the intestine, it can soften the offending blockage and therefore make going to the bathroom easier. It’s fairly easy to take and the powdered form can be mixed with various beverages for easy dosage. While all laxatives side effects are relatively similar, Miralax does add one to the typical entries in that gas has been commonly reported.

3. Ex-Lax: If ever there were a name associated with a difficult digestive tract, it’s Ex Lax. A mainstay in the over the counter laxatives industry for decades, Exlax stimulates the intestines with senna, which can often provide an extremely thorough clean out of the colon. In fact, sennosides are effective for pre-surgical cleanouts of the colon as well. Cramping, pain and bloating may occur when using this product and be aware of potential changes in our urine color when using, a common side effect.

4. Senokot: Another pick amongst senna laxative options for constipation, Senokot works by stimulating the intestine. Irritation of the tissues in the bowel can create movements that make going easier. This fast acting laxative is normally taken orally with water and carries typical gastrointestinal side effects such as cramping and nausea.

5. Philips Milk of Magnesia: Philips Milk of Magnesia is really a multipurpose product for all types of gastrointestinal ails. While it’s one of the most effective over the counter laxatives that you can purchase, safe, gentle and effective, it’s also a useful tool for combating stomach acid and heartburn along with indigestion.

No matter what type or mechanism of action you prefer, over the counter laxatives can provide safe, gentle and effective relief. When used in conjunction with proper dietary modifications designed to add fiber to your diet and limit foods and beverages that can cause constipation, relief can be yours quickly and smoothly.