Best Selenium Supplement – Top 5 Picks!

Selenium SupplementWhen shopping for the best selenium supplement on the market, you will have many things to consider. What sort of dosage are you looking for? And, why are you taking selenium? Some people elect a supplement to correct a selenium deficiency, while others choose to take one for its purported thyroid benefits. Regardless of why are you are choosing to add more of this naturally occurring mineral to your daily intake, you’re likely looking for the best products available to provide selenium supplement benefits. That’s why we’ve compiled this top 5 list of the best bottled selenium sources that you can find. But, before you click the purchase now button, remember that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and too much selenium can lead to many health problems and even toxicity. You should consult with your health care provider before electing to use a selenium supplement because there is a risk for not only potentially serious side effects, but also drug and condition interactions that you might not be aware of. So check with your doctor and make sure to check out our list of the top 5 selenium supplements before you buy!

1. NOW Foods Selenium: At 100 micrograms per cap, Now foods offers a product that is inexpensive, low dose and also vegetarian and yeast free. If Brazil nuts aren’t your thing you may want to consider this top pick for a quality bargain selenium supplement!

2. Source Naturals Selenium: Adding a boost to essential enzyme function and protection from free radicals are some of the medical claims made by Source naturals, the manufacturer of this pick for top selenium supplement. A suggestion of additional vitamin is also made by the producer for people electing this product, for additional healthy benefits.

3. Selenium by Nature’s Way: Yeast free and lacking artificial ingredients, and preservatives, this product is designed with the allergy sensitive in mind. Whether you are allergic to wheat, milk or soy you will find that this gentle selenium supplement won’t aggravate your testy receptors. However the higher 200 microgram dose might be excessive in people with already fulfilled diets.

4. Nature’s Bounty Selenium: Immune system support is the main selling point of this affordably priced supplement. At just over $5.00 for 100 tabs, it’s a cost effective way to restore healthy levels of this essential element. Be cautious of the 200 microgram dose, however.

5. Nature Made Selenium: Preventing cellular damage and providing an immune system boost as well as providing complimentary characteristics to vitamin E, Nature’s made selenium supplement in a 200 microgram dose can provide multiple health benefits.

Remember that any time you decide to use a supplement to do so under the care and guidance of your health care provider, as well as to adhere to the dosage instructions as determined by the manufacturer. Your diet will play an important role in how much selenium your body needs and what dosage is right for you, so opt for lower levels of the mineral when possible, particularly if your diet already includes foods like fish, nuts and wheat, good whole sources of this naturally occurring mineral.