Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis: Top 5 Picks!

Shoes For Plantar FasciitisWearing shoes for plantar fasciitis will cause all pain to subside, but it will help. In addition to providing support all over, plantar fasciitis treatment footwear needs to be durable, comfortable and have a good grip. As a bonus, it doesn’t hurt if the shoes are also fashionable. Here are the top 5 shoes for plantar fasciitis currently being sold on the market.

1. Orthaheel Men’s Action Walker Shoes – Coming in three basic colors, Orthahell Men’s Action Walker shoes have a great deal of support in the heel area. Great for sightseeing, long walks and light household work, these shoes will help to completely eliminate your plantar fasciitis symptoms.

2. New Balance Women’s Walking Shoe – This low-top sneaker won’t substitute for plantar fasciitis exercises, but you will be able to stay active without worsening the pain in your heels. Combine this comfortable casual shoe with plantar fasciitis taping to maximize your comfort.

3. Brook’s Men’s Addiction 9 Running Shoe – These shoes for plantar fasciitis are appropriate for even intense physical activity. You can go to the gym, run on uneven terrain and perform strenuous exercises while wearing these shoes. Best of all is the fact that you will feel great all throughout the day.

4. Okabashi for FootSmart Women’s Gardenia Clogs – People with plantar fasciitis often feel like they can only wear sneakers. Thankfully, the Okabashi for FootSmart Women’s Gardenia clogs will help to add variety to your wardrobe without causing you to be in pain.

5. Crocs pRepair Unisex Clog – One of the only unisex shoes for plantar fasciitis, these clogs go great with just about everything.

Some of the same shoes that are appropriate for people with flat fleet can be worn if you have plantar fasciitis. As long as there is ample support under the heel and the arch of the foot, you should be totally satisfied. Your doctor may also have some personalized recommendations that you can use to make the best selection possible. Remember to buy your plantar fasciitis shoes a size up if you plan on taping your foot or using a supportive insole.