Best Tasting Protein Powder – Top 5 Brands!

Best Tasting Protein PowderPeople who are just beginning to educate themselves on nutrition may not be able to find the best tasting protein powder with ease. In general, powdered protein tends to be chalky and bland, even when mixed with milk, juice or fruits. If you want the best protein shake that is pleasing to the palate, check out these top five recommended brands.

1. Muscle Milk – You may have already seen some folks at your local gym toting around contains of Muscle Milk, but it is important to know that this choice is popular for its taste as well as its effectiveness. Muscle Milk has a high concentration of organic whey protein powder and is also considered the best protein powder in regard to taste and benefits.

2. Combat Powder – While this is one of the most recommended best protein powder for men varieties, Combat Powder can also be used by women. If you want one of the best tasting protein powder brands that blends well with liquids and is easy on the stomach, Combat Powder will leave you wanting more.

3. Nature’s Best Isopure – Not all people looking for the best protein powder for women and men necessary want to add on bulk. Powdered protein that comes from natural sources usually have fewer carbohydrates and calories.

4. Dymatize Elite – Voted the best tasting protein powder in several consumer based reviews, Dymatize Elite is good tasting and good for your muscles. Be sure to only add one or two scoops to your drink of choice in order to get optimal results.

5. Isopure – Isopure claims to use some of the purest proteins available for purchase. This may be why it is one of the best tasting protein powder drinks that weight lifters and dieters alike prefer.

You can take your favorite powdered casein, soy or whey protein on a daily basis. Some users prefer certain flavors while others simply want a dependable brand. Remember that different types of powdered proteins may cause your body react in different ways. Try all of the proteins listed above in order to figure out which one helps you to meet your dietary and fitness goals.