Beta Carotene Foods List

Beta Carotene FoodsThe best beta carotene foods are usually raw plants, but there are also meats, cheeses and prepared foods that are rich in this nutrient. View all of the foods that have vitamin A listed below in order to give your diet the proper overhaul.

1. Carrots – Vitamin A is essential to proper eye health, which is why carrots are so often listed as a ‘super-food.’ If you have an allergy to carrots, there are plenty of other foods that you can try.

2. Kale – This bitter tasting vegetable can be consumed raw or cooked, or even used as a garnish. As one of the richest beta carotene foods around, kale can be eaten in moderation or daily.

3. Pumpkin – Although pumpkin is usually regarded as a seasonal food, you will get all of the vitamin A palmitate that your body needs with a very small serving.

4. Lettuce – Whether you prefer romaine, iceberg or a mix, all beta carotene benefits will be received when you keep a reserve of lettuce on hand.

5. Collard greens – Most of the best beta carotene foods are green leafy vegetables, and collard greens are no exception.

6. Squash – If you don’t want to depend on beta carotene supplements, try squash. Eat squash in soup, eat it raw in a salad or make a dish from scratch with squash as the main component.

7. Green peas – Even if you choose to eat your beta carotene foods out of the can, you can still get a big dose when you choose green peas. Another good option for getting the right amount of beta carotene is to eat frozen green peas.

8. Lamb – You will only need to be cautious about beta carotene side effects if you eat a very large serving of lamb. However, lamb, when eaten in reasonable quantities, is a good choice for people who need more vitamin A.

There are literally dozens of other types of food that have beta carotene. No matter what your eating restrictions are, there is simply no excuse not to have enough vitamin A in your diet if you get creative.