Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System Benefits and Risks

Birmingham Hip ResurfacingThere are alternatives to a total or partial hip replacement and while they’re typically reserved for younger and more active individuals, all hip surgery is considered only when other treatment options have failed. This is because both types of surgery require complicated surgical procedures and immense healing and recovery time, even for the newer minimally invasive hip replacement options. One such alternative is Birmingham hip resurfacing. While there are many manufacturers of hip resurfacing components, Birmingham is one of the better known. The system is comprised of a metal cap, shaped similarly to a mushroom that attaches to the femur. A metal cup, which is similar in method to a total hip replacement, is placed into the pelvic socket. There are advantages and disadvantages to Birmingham hip resurfacing as opposed to a full hip replacement, and you will need to weigh all of these potential benefits and risks prior to proceeding. Remember that your choice in hip resurfacing doctors is just as crucial as it is with a full hip replacement with Birmingham hip resurfacing. An experienced doctor who is very good at your selected surgery is essential to a desirable outcome. Many pitfalls experienced with hip procedures are due to the inexperience of the performing doctor.

One of the biggest benefits to Birmingham hip resurfacing is the preservation of bone. Because it’s not a replacement of the entire hip, associated bone loss is minimized. Additionally, the chances of dislocation are reduced with Birmingham hip resurfacing. Additionally, if you were to require any subsequent procedures, they are easier with a resurfacing method. There are however some Birmingham hip resurfacing problems that you should be aware of. Femoral neck fractures are one such concern. Additionally, loosening is another concern. Wearing of the inserted metal parts can also occur, particularly over time. There is also some concern about metal on metal components involved in hip resurfacing procedures as the kind used in Birmingham hip resurfacing regarding failure rate and this has left some physicians preferring “metal on ceramic” or “metal on plastic” alternatives.

There are risks and benefits involved with any surgery, and if your doctor has recommended hip resurfacing it’s because he or she feels the benefit to you outweighs the associated risks. Finding a doctor with a proven track record of your indicated method is the first decision you will make towards a positive outcome, and once you have made that decision you can then begin to discuss manufacturers of hip resurfacing products to determine if Birmingham is right for you.