Black Cohosh for Menopause Review

Black Cohosh for MenopauseIf you are a female suffering from annoying and at times debilitating symptoms like menopause night sweats, daily hot flashes, mood swings, lack of sexual interest and are hesitant about starting traditional hormone replacement therapy, black cohosh for menopause might just be the answer for you.

Conventional replacement therapy is not right for everyone and comes with a hefty list of side effects making many women seek alternative menopause herbal remedies that will finally put an end to menopausal symptoms and bring joy of life back to them.

Menopause is a difficult transition time for many women resulting from female hormone imbalance and decreasing levels of female estrogen that body stops producing at a certain age. Black cohosh for menopause is a safe herbal remedy that provides estrogen like qualities for the body and relieves multiple menopausal symptoms. Black cohosh for hot flashes will help you decrease the embarrassing occurrences that can strike virtually anywhere, work or family gathering and make you feel normal again.

Black cohosh for menopause use is rather controversial in the US medical practice since herbal or holistic approaches are not routinely included in course studies at major medical schools, and modern conventional doctors simply lack training in this field and rely solely on pharmaceutical drugs. Naturopaths and holistic medical professionals, on the other hand, see black cohosh for menopause to be an incredible phytoestrogen relieving menopausal symptoms without an increased risk of breast or uterine cancer like with traditional hormone replacement therapies.

You have several options as to black cohosh for menopause: this herbal product comes in powder capsules, black cohosh tea, alcohol or water-based preparation. Many herbal specialists differ in their opinions which black cohosh dosage is optimal to take at first; some think 40mg twice daily is perfect, while others feel like 20mg twice a day is the best initial treatment program.

Black cohosh benefits go beyond addressing menopause; this herbal product can also help with many other female troubles like menstrual cramping, water gain, irregular menstrual cycles and many more.