Bladder Catheter Types

Bladder CatheterThere is a variety of bladder catheter types to choose from for effective bladder drainage, depending on your specific condition and catheter requirements. A catheter may be needed for a number of reasons, including urge incontinence or being unable to urinate and completely empty the bladder, and in some cases certain surgical procedures or medical conditions may require this drainage device as well. One factor with a bladder catheter is the size used, and catheters will come in varying sizes and use a number system to denote the size. A higher number means a larger diameter for the catheter, so the smallest possible number which is effective will be used.

A bladder catheter may be one of three main types, and these are indwelling, condom, and intermittent, also known as short term. A suprapubic catheter is considered an indwelling type, and normally requires a small procedure with a local anesthetic to insert, while urethral catheterization> can be intermittent and used for a very short period without any special preparations. Catheter types can also refer to the design and intended function of the catheter, and these types are straight or single use, two way Foley, three way Foley, and curved. The curved type may also be called a coude, and this is used most often by males who are older and experience prostate enlargement. They have a curve or elbow, and keep the prostate from blocking the flow of urine.

Foley catheters come in two types, the two way and three way varieties. This type of bladder catheter consists of rubbing tubing which is extremely soft and flexible but durable, and these are the types used most often in medical settings, as well as for home use. A three way catheter may be used for medications to treat a weak bladder or other conditions, by allowing these medicines to be placed directly into the bladder. A condom bladder catheter is usually used with older males who have dementia or are suffering from other cognitive impairments. A condom like bag is placed over the penis and then drains into drainage receptacle.