Bleeding Hemorrhoids – How To Treat Them Effectively?

Bleeding HemorrhoidsFor most people, the source and cause of hemorrhoids is an afterthought falling far behind the big question of “how to get rid of hemorrhoids”. Painful, uncomfortable and tender and sore, bleeding hemorrhoids are more than a nuisance. Persistent occurrences can interfere with day to day activities and make even the simplest of tasks seem unbearable.

A swelling or enlargement of veins within the anal area is the short and sweet definition of bleeding hemorrhoids, however their impact and duration can greatly vary depending on the underlying cause. In addition, the source of the problem can lend a tremendous amount of insight into bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. For instance, it’s unlikely that a temporary condition such as bleeding hemorrhoids caused from pregnancy will be treated in a way other than comfort care at home.

If your condition is caused from bowel troubles such as straining and pushing during bowel movements, your first course of bleeding hemorrhoids treatment will likely be a stool softener and perhaps even dietary changes. As with pregnancy, hemorrhoids caused by bowel blunders results from pressure added to anal region, and, this increased pressure can lead to the formation of an internal, external or even prolapsed hemorrhoid (one that protrudes from or “falls out of” the anus.) For the more common malady, creams and pads are most useful. Many of these products contain a multitude of ingredients that provide relief for bleeding piles and associated conditions in multiple ways. For instance, medicated creams not only attempt to reduce the swelling associated with bleeding hemorrhoids, but also contain emollients and other pleasant perks that can help reduce discomfort. Moistened pads are particularly handy in a quick spot because they provide fast, although seldom prolonged, relief. Containing cooling and soothing ingredients like witch hazel, these pads are discreet, compact and very useful, particularly in a pinch. Neither of these are effective and long term solutions however, and for effective, permanent or long term care, there are other methods that are superior to home comfort techniques.

Rubber band ligation is a common and normally successful procedure that is often considered before hemorrhoid laser surgery. It’s quick and done in a doctor’s office. A rubber band is simply tied off at the base of a hemorrhoid and voila! Once the blood supply has disappeared, the hemorrhoid does too, in about a week. If all of these methods are unsuccessful, surgery may have to be considered to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.

These common nuisances can make day to day activities uncomfortable and in some cases, unbearable. If your home treatment has been unsuccessful, or your bleeding hemorrhoids are too much to handle, seek out medical care from your health professional, who may consider alternate solutions for this undesirable malady.