Bleeding Piles – How to Treat Them?

Bleeding PilesBleeding piles can be bothersome, and even frightening at times when you see blood in your stool, but they are usually not serious or life threatening. In some cases this condition can be managed with hemorrhoids home remedies, but if you have bleeding that is frequent or in copious amounts then you may need to seek medical attention. In rare cases a serious condition can occur that requires emergency medical attention, due to blocked blood flow in the area that can cause tissue death if not treated immediately.

There are many ways to shrink hemorrhoids and treat bleeding piles. Dietary changes to include more fiber and water can prevent constipation and straining during bowel movements, and exercise helps keep your entire digestive tract regular. Avoid harsh soaps and cleaners, and choose warm water and a soft cloth instead of toilet paper or soap to clean the area.

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids is another home remedy that is very effective. This solution cleans and sanitizes your anal area while cooling any irritation and shrinking your bleeding piles. This shrinkage will stop most bleeding, and help you avoid any pain and discomfort in the area. Witch hazel will also prevent any infections from bacteria.

Bleeding piles can also be treated with medications and surgical procedures. One method is to use a rubber band and tie off the affected veins, and this prevents blood from reaching the hemorrhoid. Called banding, this surgery can work well for most people who suffer from this problem.

Another treatment option with bleeding piles is hemorrhoid laser surgery. A laser is used to destroy the affected hemorrhoidal tissue, which causes scarring to form and eliminates any bleeding from the hemorrhoid.

If you suffer from bleeding piles there are many treatment options available. The size, location, and severity of your hemorrhoids and the bleeding, as well as your personal preferences, will determine which treatments are best in your specific situation.