Bloatedness in Pregnancy – Can It Be Avoided?

Bloatedness in PregnancyBloatedness in pregnancy is a frequent problem discussed with obstetricians, but can this condition be avoided completely or do you just have to suffer until the pregnancy is over? Bloating may also be called edema, which is the medical term for the condition, or referred to as water retention. During pregnancy and certain phases of the menstrual cycle female bloating is a common complaint. There are a number of ways to get water retention relief, but during pregnancy there are some which are not advised because of the effects on the fetus and pregnancy. If you are pregnant and want to avoid edema as much as possible during your pregnancy there are some things you can do that are both safe and effective.

One way to minimize and avoid bloatedness in pregnancy is to avoid any tight or restrictive clothing. This includes your socks, because these articles will restrict the flow of blood and other fluid and can cause edema. Make sure that you wear shoes which are loose and comfortable for the same reason. Water retention in the legs and feet are a big problem if you are pregnant, and this step can help you avoid bloatedness in pregnancy. Eat smaller meals more frequently as your pregnancy progresses, because bloating after meals will occur if you eat too much at any one time. Foods high in salt and fats, which includes most junk foods, may cause water retention and should be avoided.

One of the best ways to avoid bloatedness in pregnancy is to get plenty of exercise during this period. When you exercise your circulation improves, and this prevents swelling and helps your body to get rid of excess fluid naturally. One of the most common bloated stomach causes is a lack of exercise to keep your digestive tract active and working effectively, and this also contributes to edema and digestive problems. Bloatedness in pregnancy can be avoided if you follow these steps, so that you have a safer and more comfortable pregnancy without excessive edema.