Bloating Remedies During Pregnancy

Bloating RemediesWhen you are feeling full from overeating or consuming gassy foods, you may start looking for bloating remedies to ease the discomfort. But what do you take when you are pregnant? While it is true many pregnant women will suffer from excessive gas and bloating during their first and second trimesters, some must bear the burden for the entire nine months.

When pregnant women start looking for stomach gas relief, they must be very careful with their choices. After all, the unborn child is affected by everything the mother consumes. This means preventive care is the best defense. To be proactive, you need to avoid the types of foods that bloat your stomach naturally. Foods like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and beans are the major offenders.

Some fruits like apples, pears and prunes are on the list of bloated stomach causes, so you may want to refrain from these choices as well. Other ways to avoid excessive gas is to remove foods with high fat content. Processed foods like cold cuts and hot dogs can cause major discomfort. As can some dairy products, like ice cream and whole milk products.

In addition to changing your diet, you should also try looking for natural bloating remedies that will not be harmful to the baby. A good way to relieve the pressure of bloating and gas is to get up and moving. Stay active and less stationary. Gas needs movement to be released. Bending and stretching is a great beginning. If you can do more, try walking up and down a flight of stairs. Then go onto something like a short walk around your block.

Establish a pattern of lying with your feet in an elevated position after you eat. This is one of the best bloating remedies because the position helps to reduce the pressure of the baby on your stomach and allows for natural, free digestion. When your digestion system is functioning properly, less gas is accumulated in the abdomen.

These bloating remedies should help you alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of bloating and gas during pregnancy. Hopefully, you can use this information to become more proactive and learn to avoid the problem before it occurs. However, should you begin to experience any discomfort, you can be sure that these remedies will solve your problem swiftly and effectively.

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