Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects in Men

Blood Pressure Medication Side EffectsBlood pressure medication side effects may affect men and women differently, and for men these medicines can cause erectile dysfunction as well as other problems. High blood pressure often causes no symptoms, but can be deadly if not caught and treated. This condition causes damage to the blood vessel linings, so that the blood vessels shrink and become stiff and inflexible. This causes less blood flow to be received by the penis, and can affect an erection. Medication for this condition can cause erectile function to become worse by decreasing this blood flow even further.

Beta blockers also have blood pressure medication side effects that can affect sexual function in men, because these drugs have an effect on the nerve impulses which play a role in a normal erection. A high blood pressure diet and lifestyle changes may be able to relieve this condition to the point where medications are minimized or eliminated completely. Many men may resist taking medication because of the erectile dysfunction risks and other side effects that these drugs can cause.

Common blood pressure medication side effects in men also include orthostatic changes which can cause dizziness, feeling lightheaded, and even fainting if the individual stands or sits up quickly. These side effects can be minimized by sitting or standing slowly, and then waiting a minute or two before moving. There is also a link between alcohol and high blood pressure, and with many medications alcohol can interfere with the way the drug works and can cause side effects. Anyone with high blood pressure should avoid alcohol use.

Men may also experience other blood pressure medication side effects. These can include drowsiness, fatigue, a dry mouth, and with some drugs a cough which is not productive but that does not disappear over time. ACE inhibitors cause this cough in roughly twenty percent of the men who take them. If you are a male who has this condition there are other methods available if you experience unacceptable side effects. There are many herbal remedies for high blood pressure, such as garlic, fish oil, and many others, which may be just as effective as drugs when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, but without the bothersome side effects.