Bloody Bowel Movements – What to Do?

Bloody Bowel MovementsIf you have bloody bowel movements, whether this is a single occurrence or it has happened a number of times, you may be concerned and unsure of what to do. Stool which contains blood is never a normal sign, and this means that there is a problem somewhere. This problem can be as minor as a hemorrhoid or it can be as serious as bowel cancer or one of the symptoms of bowel obstruction, so it is important that you understand what to do when this occurs. The color and amount of the blood should be noted, because the blood in your stool can be bright red, dark brown, or even black with the consistency of coffee grounds.

Bloody bowel movements should always be checked out by your doctor unless you have already been medically evaluated and know exactly what is causing this bleeding. If you notice a few bright spots of blood on toilet paper after bowel movement and you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids then this is probably nothing to worry about, and the only thing you need to do is to make sure that you keep the area clean and dry so that no infection sets in and healing can begin. Bloody bowel movements which contain blood that appears black and resembles coffee grounds should be evaluated immediately, either by your family doctor or the nearest emergency room, because this can be a sign of internal bleeding and is considered an emergency.

In some cases a rectal abscess can cause bloody bowel movements, and if this abscess is connected to the vagina then there may also be vaginal bleeding with bowel movement. This is another condition that should be checked out immediately, because stool can enter the vagina and cause severe infractions. Any bloody bowel movements should be reported to your doctor if you should be physically evaluated to make sure that the cause of this bleeding is not a cause for serious concern. Colorectal cancer is the other condition which can cause bleeding with bowel movements, and with this condition treatment should be started as soon as possible for the best survival odds.