Blurry Vision After Cataract Surgery – What to Do?

Vision After Cataract SurgeryBlurry vision after cataract surgery can cause significant worry and concern, but what should you do for this problem? A common side effect of these procedures is for blurry vision to occur after surgery while your eye is recovering, but usually this blurriness will lessen and gradually disappear in the days and weeks after the operation. Phacoemulsification cataract surgery may also cause short term blurring of your vision, and blurriness is one of the most common laser eye surgery risks involved with any cataract removal regardless of the technique used. For blurring that occurs right after surgery you may need to wait, and see if time improves the problem.

If you are experiencing problems with blurry vision after cataract surgery and the problem does not resolve itself after a few weeks, or worsens over time, then you may need to discuss this with your eye doctor. Sometimes during a lens implant surgery the capsule used as a support for the artificial lens may become cloudy or thicken up, as this can result in vision which is blurry. If this is the cause of your blurred vision after cataract surgery then you may require a laser surgery procedure to correct this problem. This capsule may also tear or rupture, and this can also blur your vision and needs to be evaluated by your eye surgeon.

In some rare cases bleeding in the eye can cause blurred vision after cataract surgery, because the blood interferes with normal vision. If you have had refractive cataract surgery, a combination of techniques which removes the cataract and corrects any vision problems as well to eliminate the use of glasses, then the blurring may be caused by additional complications as well. Any problems with your vision after cataract surgery should be reported to your eye doctor, to rule out any serious complications that may require further treatment. In some individuals scar tissue can form even from small incisions, and this may also cause your vision to become blurry or distorted.