Boot Camp Workouts At Home

Boot Camp WorkoutsBoot camp workouts are growing in popularity. Groups of people can be seen sweating and straining in fitness boot camps at most gyms and in many parks around the nation. The trainer barks out commands and motivates the participants to push themselves as they move through weight lifting workouts and cardio exercise. Armed with a little knowledge, you can do boot camp workouts at home. If you adopt a simple workout routine, you are more like to stick with it. After all, the one thing boot camp workouts at home lack is the motivational trainer. Fat burning workouts for men and women should include both weight training and cardiovascular activities. Weight training burns calories and it also builds muscle which speeds up your metabolism even when you are not exercising. Cardiovascular or aerobic activities not only burn calories, but they also increase the rate at which you burn calories for some time after you finish exercising. Remember to warm up for 5-10 minutes by walking or doing some other light aerobic activity. Have a water bottle nearby to keep yourself hydrated. Do some gentle stretching and light cardio at the end of your workout to cool down. Ending your workout this way helps prevent cramps and irregular heartbeats. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Squat thrusts

2. Jumping jacks with front kicks

3. Slow push ups

4. Plyo-jacks

5. Walking lunge

6. Ski jumps

7. Wall sit with chest squeeze

8. Triceps dips

9. High jogs

10. One armed planks

A trip to the library, local book store or internet search can help you learn how to do these exercises properly. You may want to make a small investment in a personal trainer or a few boot camp sessions so that you learn to do these exercises safely. If you do not have good form, you can actually do more harm than good.