Bovine Colostrum Review

Bovine ColostrumGlyconutrients such as a colostrum supplement, are gaining popularity in the fight against disease, infection, and inadequate immune systems. Bovine colostrum is the substance which is developed before milk is produced from a cow that has newly birthed. It is said to provide nutrients, growth, and immunity qualities to the babies, giving additional strength to fight against illnesses life threatening to the young.

Immune system supplements as found in bovine colostrum have traditional benefits for respiratory infections, eye conditions, and oral health. Clinical research for bovine colostrum began over 20 years ago and continues today. Evidence proving the benefit of bovine colostrum denotes its potential of improving abdominal disorders, gastrointestinal issues like colitis, intestinal bacteria, immune function, infection, and diarrhea. Immunoglobulins, or antibodies, are included in the bovine colostrum to flow through the bloodstream and build immunities. There are certain bacteria which will grow in the intestinal walls, but is prohibited by the colostrum antibodies. When immune deficiencies are present because of AIDS or other autoimmune diseases, colostrum becomes one of the natural immunity boosters against the parasites which will cause incapacitating diarrhea. Viruses like rotavirus which is plagued with diarrhea are possibly affected by the antibodies provided from bovine colostrum. This is also true for the threat of the helicobacter pylori infection, or H.pylori infection. Colostrum have also been used for multiple sclerosis patients. Benefits are experienced, but further studies are needed. Oral hygiene products with bovine colostrum are thought to be beneficial for immune stimulation.

Although positive information has be accumulated in review of glyconutrients such as bovine colostrum, much more research is needed to study the results of using supplements comprised of this substance for the use of building immunities, fighting off infection, preventing disease, and overall better health. Meanwhile, such supplements continue to be used with satisfying outcomes.