Brazilian Butt Lift Review – Is It Really That Hot?

Brazilian Butt LiftWhen it comes to poofing your pa-donk-a-donk, many people are convinced that a Brazilian butt lift is the way to go. And, why not? It certainly benefits people who have a few extra pounds, just not where they want them, and some users have reported fewer side effects than with traditional buttocks implants. While there are side effects involved, a Brazilian butt lift can actually enhance the appearance of your derriere in more than one way. First, by removing excess fat from the lower back, upper thighs, and other close by regions with a bit more extra pudge, the fat transfer to buttocks procedure starts by highlighting your rear by reducing the fluff around it. After that, all that filtered “you” gets put right into your behind, in the areas that your surgeon has planned to get the maximum results from your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Now, there are some side effects associated with Brazilian buttock augmentation, and cost is one of them! This isn’t going to be cheap, and if you’re on a super tight budget, you may want to look into some Brazilian butt exercises instead! Beyond the sometimes exorbitant cost of a Brazilian butt lift, you will likely hear about side effects. Side effects are normal with any cosmetic procedure and this one is no exception. Bruising, swelling and discomfort are commonly reported. Les common side effects include wound dehiscence, infection and nerve damage.

One of the positive side effects that come from a Brazilian butt lift is its often long lasting effects. Users report years of worry free booty bounce, without subsequent doctor’s visits and repeated surgeries.

The best way to decide if this procedure is right for you (and your wallet) is to schedule a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon to ask any questions you may have and become more informed about this procedure that is growing exponentially in popularity. You may decide that this is the best way to get some junk in your trunk, or you might decide that it’s just not for you. No matter how you feel about the procedure, the best person to discuss it with is a doctor.