Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation RecoveryBreast augmentation recovery can be an uncomfortable time for some women, but there are some tips and advice that may help during your recovery period. Whether you have had a breast lift and augmentation or another type, you should be prepared to experience some pain, especially if implants were placed under the muscle or other types of traditional surgery are performed. Swelling can also be a problem, especially in the first week or so after the surgery.

During the breast augmentation recovery make sure to get plenty of sleep, and to drink enough fluids each day. Both of these steps will help you to heal faster, and cause less discomfort while you are recovering. Make sure to keep any incisions or wounds clan and dry, because one of the common breast augmentation problems is infection after surgery. If an infection occurs then the breast may swell more, leak pus, and become very painful. If this happens call your surgeon, because antibiotics may need to be prescribed to clear up this problem.

Make sure that you understand all of the breast augmentation risks, and understand what symptoms to watch for as well as when to contact the physician. Your discharge instructions should be followed closely, including any medications that have been prescribed. Some types of breast augmentation recovery may require heavy narcotic pain medications to control severe pain, especially if implants were placed. Take your pain medications as directed, and take a dose as soon as the pain starts to get bad if it is not too soon from the last dose. This will prevent the pain from becoming too severe, and requiring more pain medication to treat effectively.

There are some things you can do during your breast augmentation recovery to speed up the process and minimize any scarring that occurs. There are some creams which are available with a prescription that may minimize breast augmentation scars when applied regularly, and will also help keep the breast skin smooth and supple. Ice and cold compresses on the breast can help keep swelling down, which also helps control the pain experienced.