Breast Reconstruction After Radiation Review

Breast Reconstruction After RadiationBreast reconstruction after radiation is a subject that can be complex, and if you are considering breast reconstruction and need radiation therapy there are some facts that you need to know and consider. Radiation has been an effective treatment for breast cancer for years, often after a mastectomy or breast surgery to remove tumors. These procedures can often leave scarring and breast deformities, or remove your breast completely. Mammosite balloon reconstruction may help your appearance and self esteem, and so can other reconstruction procedures.

One reason that breast reconstruction after radiation is recommended is the effect that radiation treatments can have on your skin and reconstructed breast. If you have had a mastectomy or tumors removed, such as a malignant phyllodes tumor, then the radiation afterwards can affect the health and normal properties of your skin and other tissues. Blood flow to the affected breast areas can also be compromised by radiation treatments and exposure. For these reasons it is often recommended that breast reconstruction after radiation treatments are completely finished is the best course of action by many doctors.

Breast reconstruction after radiation is complex because of all the relevant factors. Often waiting can lead to better reconstruction results, with skin and tissues that are smoother and with fewer scars and other negative aspects. Fibroadenoma breast cancer may require radiation to avoid the cells from spreading, and this may also cause a delay in your breast reconstruction surgery. After radiation is stopped your skin and other tissues will slowly return to normal, and this means a much more successful surgery and a more natural looking breast as a result.

No matter what type of breast cancer you have, papillary breast cancer or another type, most cancers are curable. You may need to have breast surgery performed, and in some cases you may need radiation afterwards to prevent any cancer cells left from multiplying rapidly. Breast reconstruction after radiation can help you return to your normal physical self. In some cases you may choose to have the reconstruction surgery before you begin radiation therapy, but this can lead to problems with the way your new breast looks and feels.