Breast Reconstruction Implants: 7 Things You Need To Know

Breast Reconstruction Implants1. The Results Are Not Guaranteed

No surgeon can guarantee complete success, and this is true with breast reconstruction implants just like it is with any other surgical procedure. Every individual will heal and scar differently, which means that complications may occur that can affect the final results of the procedure. Even the best surgeon cannot control the healing process of your body or the final results seen from the surgery.

2. Feeling may not be restored and a loss of sensation is normal

Whether you choose breast reconstruction implants or you choose to use the latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction method, you will have a breast that is normal in appearance but you may notice a loss of sensation or feeling in the tissue which does not come back. This is due to the nerves in the area being cut and severed during the procedure.

3. You should quit smoking two months before you have your surgery

If you are planning on having breast reconstruction implants, your surgeon or physician will normally advise you to quit smoking at least two months before the procedure is to be performed. This is because the compounds of chemicals in cigarette smoke will actually hamper the healing process, and can slow down your covered time and affect the final results you will get from the procedure.

4. The most common implant type is saline

There are many different types of breast reconstruction implants, and the most common of these implants uses saline inside of the shell, which is made of silicone.

5. Implants may need to be replaced in the future

Breast reconstruction implants are not necessarily permanent, and you may find that these implants will need to be replaced at some point in the future. Other methods available to offer permanent results, and is fully to be considered when you are looking at all of your options.

6. Many insurances will cover implants following a mastectomy

If you have been diagnosed with a malignant phyllodes tumor or some other type of cancer which makes a mastectomy necessary, the good news is that many insurance policies will now cover these expenses, because they are no longer considered cosmetic.

7. Implants can be done immediately following a mastectomy or a later date

You can choose when to have your breast reconstruction implants placed. For some women this can be done at the same time as the mastectomy, but for others it is advisable to wait for the breast reconstruction after radiation treatment is complete for the best possible results.