Breathing Exercises for Asthma Sufferers

Breathing Exercises for AsthmaCan breathing exercises for asthma really help manage this condition? Modern medicine and scientific studies show the answer is a resounding yes. Breathing exercises can be one of the most effective natural remedies for asthma available, and scientific studies done have shown that these methods work very well in many patients. There is more than one type and set of breathing exercises studies, and some are intended to be done daily while others are used only during an attack.

Using breathing exercises for asthma may reduce the number of attacks and symptoms by more than 85% in many cases, depending on the exercises used. These methods work with almost any asthma type, including brittle asthma and cardiac asthma. With some people these exercises alone are not enough to completely prevent attacks, but they can lessen the intensity, duration, and frequency of the attacks and require far less medication as well.

Many medical experts believe that the specific breathing exercises for asthma used are not as important as the regular practice of the exercises. Many times these methods can be very beneficial if an exercise induced asthma attack occurs unexpectedly, or an attack happens when there is no inhaler available. These exercises do not include medications which can have dangerous side effects, and they can be very helpful in managing asthma every day and during an attack.

Papworth breathing exercises for asthma are some of the oldest techniques of this type still used , and this method can cut attacks by one third when used consistently. This is an asthma attack treatment< first created during the 1960s, and it can still help asthma sufferers today. This is only one of many different breathing exercises you can use to control your asthma symptoms and attacks, and make your breathing easier. These techniques are highly effective when they are used as intended and practiced regularly.