Bright Yellow Diarrhea Causes: in Babies vs Adults

Bright Yellow DiarrheaIf you are a new parent, you might be alarmed when you change your baby’s diaper and see bright yellow diarrhea. Rest assured that babies are actually supposed to excrete bowel movements that are soft and yellow in color. However, adults that have yellow diarrhea may indeed have something to worry about.

The vast majority of yellow diarrhea causes come from either bile or fat. If you have been eating a very small amount of food for two or more days, your body can create bright yellow diarrhea because of the excess bile in your excrement. People that eat a diet that is too high in fast usually have bowel movements that range in color from light brown to yellow. You may also experience bright yellow diarrhea if you are on a few different specific medications.

By contrast, bright yellow diarrhea in babies is a sign that everything in their bodies is working normally. While diarrhea in babies is not uncommon, it is markedly different than their usual yellow colored bowel movements. Because babies, namely infants, live almost solely off of milk, their stool tends to be mustard like, both in color and texture. You may even see what appears to be seeds in your baby’s diapers. Again, this is completely normal.

Adults that have watery diarrhea, no matter the color, can easily become dehydrated. People that go on liquid diets or are hospitalized and are fed through a tube also tend to have loose bowel movements. If you are under direct medical supervision, you may want to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have about your stools.

Adults that have diarrhea of any kind for more than a couple of days should seek medical assistance immediately. The digestive system does not normally produce watery stools unless there is something else going on. You might have a few loose and yellowish bowel movements if you are sick, have a stomach virus or ingested some type of bacteria. Try decreasing your fat intake or increasing your caloric intake if you feel as though excess bile or a diet chock full of fatty foods is the source of your woes.